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"... a growing legion of athletes singing the praises of hypoxic training.. "

"The reality is that there are more then 30 genes that are regulated by exposure to hypoxia stimulus. An athlete's Hematocrit level will increase [with high altitude training] but it is not the only, nor the most important, part of the phenomenon of hypoxia acclimatisation," Bassovitch says. "

Men's Fitness. December 2009.

"... The Christchurch doctor and world age-group triathlon champion, will have a high altitude simulator with him on the month-long race which he will use daily to help his recovery between stages."


The Press. Christchurch, New Zealand. Nov 2001.

"Like a finely tuned motor vehicle, if you are adapted to altitude with IHT you can run on less fuel with less wear and tear to your 'motor'."


International Wellbeing. Feb/Mar 2001.

"New Zealand National Team members ... are able to simulate being at altitude without actually going to the altitude."

FULL STORY [PDF file 160Kb]

Fitness and Speed Skating times magazine USA. Nov 2000.

"One major advantage of the [GO2Altitude] unit is that you don't have to leave home to use and if you are planning a trip to altitude for training the simulator helps you to adapt even before you arrive."


Runners World. Oct2000.


"For years athletes have been striving for the winning edge. A new method of training [IHT] has emerged that can lift athletes performance, but it also benefit the average persons health and fitness."

Womens in Sport. Vol.6 No1. 1999.

"Not all of us can afford to spend weeks or months training on high peaks, but technology has caught up to make relocation unnecessary."

Sports Australia Magazine. April 1999.

"... BIOMEDTECH has developed high altitude simulator... for use in athletes and in the treatment of a range of degenerative disorders..."

The Age. 29 May 1999.

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