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Research Systems: Small Animal

Environmental (hypoxic or hyperoxic) chamber with microprocessor control and monitoring and hypoxic or hyperoxic gas
mixture supply. No need in supply of any gases as they are generated on the spot using ERA® hypoxic / hyperoxic air generator. Requires electricity only. Various sizes and shapes of the chamber available.

Specify your needs and enquire: info@go2altitude.com



Technical Specifications
Oxygen level variation: 8%-15%. Oxygen supply outlet 36+-2% (unregulated) is available.
Capacity to produce hypoxic air: 15 - 50 LPM (depends on selected simulated altitude and type of ERA® generator)
Continuous operation: YES
Running Cost: Electricity only, no expensive parts to replace
Dimensions (W x D x H): XXX x XXX x XXX mm (Chamber size subject to your approval) 800 x 240 x 500 mm (ERA® Hypoxic Air generator)
Warranty: 24 months comprehensive (parts and labor). Maintenance is not required.
Weight: X kg (Chamber of your choice)
30 kg (ERA®-I Hypoxic Air Generator)
Who should use it: Research lab, University course.
Price on application.








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