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Intermittent Hypoxic Training (IHT)  is scientifically proven and popular amongst athletes looking for a legal and drug-free way to further improve their performance and to get that vital edge over the competition.

IHT is delivered in short bursts of reduced oxygen (hypoxic) air breathing via a mask, alternated with ambient air breathing or NEW hyperoxic recovery available at some GO2Altitude® models. Not only do you have full control over the training session and can easily monitor your response, but also, with the latest FULL BIOFEEDBACK CONTROL technology pioneered by GO2Altitude®, your training can be completely controlled by the smart algorithms embedded into the system!

An important empirical finding was made in the 1970s as a result of military aviation medicine research. The phenomena of IHT is that short-term repeated hypoxia re-oxygenation intervals provide training challenge, whereas continuous exposure to the same simulated altitude might have a debilitating rather than training effect on the human body.

Another key to success in performance enhancement using IHT is in selecting the correct degree of challenge delivered to your body. GO2Altitude® have pioneered and mastered training protocols that assist with the individualisation of your training regime.

The magnitude of the training effect of extreme altitude is so great, that you will feel the challenge of hypoxic air breathing, even within one or two minutes. Although challenging, daily IHT sessions are pleasant and relaxing generally conducted while sitting in a comfortable chair or a recliner. A full course of training requires only 15 - 20 sessions. The rationale behind the IHT is that is has a number of physiological effects, each of them contributing to your enhanced performance WITHOUT overstressing.

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