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" I have assisted hundreds of athletes, high altitude trackers, mountaineers and athletes over the last 8 years with the IHT method. Currently most of the athletes I coach use the system off and on during the year, either instead of "real" altitude training of or in preparation for attending a high altitude camp, so they can pre-acclimatize. I also use it myself when preparing for major events. I am convinced that IHT contributed to the excellent results by Kris Gemmell (4th elite man), Andrea Hewitt (10th elite women), Nicky Samuels (3rd elite under 23), Tony Dodds (1st under 20 age group) as well as myself (1st masters age group) at the recent triathlon world championships held in Switzerland."

Dr John Hellemans
Sports Medicine Consultant/Coach/Altitude Consultant

" When I purchased the go2altitude hypoxicating system, it was my expectation that it would make me stronger, faster, and prepared to quickly acclimitize to the serious heights of world class mountains, so i wasnt surprised when all the above mentioned things occured. What shocked me however, was the intangible feeling of well being, and amount of energy and vigor which came as a welcome residue of hypoxicating. I feel as if i found the fountain of youth as i feel better each day that goes by. I cant recall the last time i was sick which is especially remarkable considering i live with a houseful of young kids and care for a plethora of cancer patients. Now i must clarify that although this product has had its most meaningful study with world class/olympian calibre athletes, i am here to say that it is also an invaluable resource for the everyday endurance athlete and perhaps to the non athlete as well. As a matter of fact, i was so impressed that a bought a second unit for the office and have made arrangements with my training center to supervise their program. Lastly, it would be shameful for me not to mention that when you buy a go2altitude unit, it comes with a very serious and committed company that stands behind the product and is ever vigilant to the needs of its constituency. I am eternally grateful for oleg and dr hellemans for all their interests above and beyond the norm in regard to my training and adventures. "

Thomas Reanelli md
medical director-eleanor snow radiation oncology center
director of radiation medicine horton and arden hill hospitals


"I climbed Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, East Africa August, 2003, and know the IHT played a big part in my success. I did not get high altitude sickness. My personal physician became interested in the machine and we determined a 10% increase in my hemoglobin. I trained on the IHT for 30 days."

Fletcher Derrik, MD

" Dear Oleg,
My (just turned 14) year old son has been committed to the the I.H.T. and has won his last four Mountain Bike races. In fact, he
has caught the attention of many competitive cyclists and is already being offered a tryout for the US Junior Road Race Team. Just yesterday he won an Ohio State Championship Mountain Bike Race, beating his closest competitor by 10 minutes in an 18 mile race. I don't know if it's the Hypoxic Training or the physical training but probably a combination of both. We're hoping he can continue on this path, he's at the age where a lot can happen and many opportunities can arise. I'll keep you informed."

John USA

" Oleg:
My resting heart rate is down to 36. It is the lowest in my entire life. I'm 56 years old now. My training is going really well. I have been running for over 22 years and I am doing workouts I have never accomplish before despite the fact that I'm doing them at 5000 feet. I have a race coming up this Sunday. Hopefully it will match my training. I think one of the reasons I'm doing better is that I'm taken more iron now."

Dwight C. USA, 2000

The same person 6 YEARS LATER:

" Also, I set an American record for the 30k in January 2006 for my age (59). I know the Go2 altitude unit helped me get there."

Dwight C. USA, 2006

" Things are going well over here with the Go2altitude machine. I have been very surprised at just how quick people over here
react to it especially Asthma sufferers. I myself suffer from Asthma and found my need for an inhaler vastly reduced after only 8 sessions ( I felt some benefit after only 3 sessions)."

Andy Colbourn MALTA

" I continue to be very pleased with my machine. I tend to stick to the standard program 5min hypoxic 5 min normal for 60 minutes and I have gradually reduced the O2 so that I am now training at 11%. My running has also been going well with many good results. Apart from a slight calf strain a few weeks ago I have been injury free since I obtained my Go2Altitude machine."

Malcolm F.
Macclesfield, England

" Oleg,
got the machine on monday. really fast! i have been using it only two days and think i can feel a difference!? is this possible? good quality and everything works great. thank you very much again."

Ben L.

"The equipment is running OK. It's GREAT."

Piero G.

"What's hypoxic training? Read what speakers at hight altitude training seminar say (Flagstaff, Arizona, 1998): "You can not compete at world level as a distance runner unless you do altitude training 2-3 x per year"

Mark Plaatjes

"There are no world record holders in distances over 3 km who have not been exposed to altitude training"

Dr Orjan Madson

"It is not a matter if there is a benefit from altitude training, but how much"

Ron Mann


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